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About Us

Four Tuples Solution is an IT company who specialize in web development. It was founded by 4 Computer Science graduates in March 2018. Our team comprises of highly skilled and enthusiastic young developers who all share a common goal. We actively promote creative and critical thinking so that the creativity of our peers shine through and help promote new business opportunities in this ever growing market. The core proficiency of our team lies in creating interactive, responsive and business oriented web applications. Whether is a website, a web application, mobile application, CMS or E-Commerce platforms, we have the technical "know-how" as well as the enthusiasm to deliver.

Our Warriors

Shibesh Duwadi

Chief Executive Officer

Manoj Gyawali

Chief Technology Officer

Ashmita Thapa

Chief Opertaions Officer

Abhisekh Khatiwada

Chief Marketing Officer

Anil Khand

Senior Developer

Nirmal Kc

Senior Developer

Sudarshan Dhakal


Pallavi Ghimire


Niki Maharjan


Umanga Pathak